Spinning Primitive Breeds DVD

Spinning Primitive Breeds DVD
Product Description

Did you know that you can spin yarn for sturdy rugs, delicate lace, warm sweaters, long-wearing socks, and even fun embellishments—all from one fleece? 


Primitive breed sheep were all this and more for our ancestors, and these ancient sheep provide everything a modern spinner could want. From choosing a fleece to making a wide variety of yarns, Judith MacKenzie's new video How to Spin Icelandic, Jacob, Shetland, and Other Ancient Wools teaches you how to make the most of these amazing fleeces.


You'll love this DVD if:

  • You love spinning fleece to use for sturdy projects.
  • You are interested in learning a little history behind spinning fleece.
  • You enjoyed Judith MacKenzie's other DVDs: Spinning Luxury FibersThree Bags Full, and The Gentle Art of Plying.