Palace Courtyard Shawl Pin

Palace Courtyard Shawl Pin
Product Description

Handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia

White Brass

Ring: 1.25" / 4.5cm square

Stick: 5.5" / 13.5cm long

The Palace Couryard Shawl Pin was inspired by architectural representations in Indian paintings showing the layout of palace compounds in a cross between an aerial view and a facade, as if the buildings faces were represented and then lain down flat on the ground.  The result is this interesting colonade, each side of which is as if viewed from the front.  The architectural motif on the stick represents a pavilion, on which a noble would have rested in the shade during the day.  Both the ring and the stick are carved in low relief on the front and etched as a line drawing on the back.  We have given this pin, like the others in the Ethnic Collection, a matte finish and patina so that the dimensional quality of the design will stand out.