Modern Spinning Wheel

Modern Spinning Wheel
Product Description

Clemes and Clemes design and build/create beautiful sturdy spinning wheels.

Modern Wheel

For many years we had requests for a spinning wheel that was 
compact, functional, durable, available as a kit, and most of all, 
with a price that would fit most everyone’s budget. In the late 
1970’s we designed a wheel that we thought met all of the above 
requirements. Time has proven us correct. The Clemes Kit Wheel 
has been one of the most sought after wheels on the market for 
years. Today we refer to it as the Clemes Modern Wheel. 

The wheel is 16” in diameter with ball bearings for smooth 
operation. The treadle is of the heel-toe design to allow starting and 
stopping without having to touch the wheel. The flyer is dual belt 
drive with a 3/8” orifice. The bobbins are of generous size for those 
who like to spin yarns towards the heavier size or prefer not to 
change bobbins as often.

This wheel is very easy to spin on. It is used by students as well as 
accomplished spinners and will often be found in schools as well 
as many studios.

The wheel comes with three bobbins. A lazy kate is available, 
as well as a bulky adaptor and quill adaptor- making this one of 
the most versatile wheels on the market today. 

Available in natural (unfinished), fruitwood stain, or walnut stain.