Jane Austen Knits

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Fall 2012 

This issue offers:

  • Over 30 knitting patterns for shawls, jackets, socks, hats, mitts, and more.
  • Focus on a variety of techniques such as lace, colorwork, and cables, as well as embroidery for knitting.
  • Fascinating articles that dive into the history, textiles, and characters of Jane Austen’s world.
  • Plus, this issue has a special look at crochet during the Regency era with examples of camisettes and a pattern to create your own. 

Whether you are an avid knitter, a Janeite, a lover of the Regency era, or all of the above, you will find something to fit your fancy in this magazine. 


Jane Austen Knits is organized in sections that play to a balance of opposites that are perfectly paired—just like Miss Elizabeth Bennet and her Mr. Darcy. In these pages, you’ll find something for your every knitting moment. Balance the playful with the serious, morning with evening, country with town, the cultivated with the wild, the manor with the garden. Knit something for your quiet bookworm moments to your social butterfly flitterings. Indulge in your Jane Austen fantasies and make something that you can wear today. 



Escape to the country a refreshing walk in the brisk, morning air with these knits. From a warm garter stitch shawl to a light lacey shawl, from delicate mitts to unique socks, these patterns combine function with beauty.

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