Inca Collection Shawl Stick

Product Description

Hand-made Fair Trade in Indonesia, Cast and hand-polished white bronze, 4.25" long, The Inca Collection was inspired by a trip to Peru in 2013, which included forays to Macchu Pichu, the ancient city of Cuzco (where I first encountered a tiny two-headed metal Jaguar in a tiny shop down an ancient alley), the colonial city of Arequipa (where I met several Alpacas and attended the fabulous and extravagant 50th birthday celebration of a dear Peruvian friend), and the coastal metropolis of Lima, where my friend and I walked for hours along an amazing ocean-side greenspace that has recently been constructed on the coastal cliffs at Lima's edge. I had been to Lima 25 years before with this same dear friend and we had eaten lunch together in a famous seafood restaurant built on a pier that extended into the ocean. After our lunch we couldn't find a cab to take us from the beach to the wealthy neighborhood of Mira Flores hundreds of feet above on top of those magnificent cliffs. I was wearing a velvet dress and my friend was in a beauitful white shirt and dress trousers. But we had no other choice than to take off our shoes and scramble up the cliff. Today, and twenty-five years ago, you can see Cormorants sunning themselves on rocks on the beach. All three of the animals in this collection held significance for the Incan people native to Peru. While the shapes of the Alpaca and the Jaguar are modelled after ancient tiny sculptural pieces, the Cormorant is based on the live birds we saw at the edges of modern Lima.