Gate Hinge Leather Closure

Gate Hinge Leather Closure
Product Description

Made in the USA

Genuine Leather

5 inches wide by 2.5 inches tall

The Gate Hinge is modelled after an antique hinge even down to the location of the screws that held it to the two sides of wherever it originally lived. I came across pictures of this simple rusted metal shape and fell in love with its curves, its elegance and immediately wanted to make a closure. The pebble black evokes the rusted surface of the original with all of the residues of long use and subjection to weather and wear. The smooth black leather imagines the hinge brand new.
I am offering the Gate Hinge with two modes of attachment: the screw mechanisms that have become a JUL signature and now the leather laces that give a softer application, a different character, and capture even the thickest fiber, holding the Hinge onto the garment tenaciously and yet gently.