Curved Back Wool Carders

Curved  Back Wool Carders
Product Description
Our hand carders are designed to combine comfort and function in a most necessary tool for the hand spinner. We use a maple turned handle that provides a comfortable grip for both small and large hands. The handle is tenoned into an alder wood back, either curved or flat, to ensure long life. The teeth are set in a strong yet flexible backing to provide many years of use. We regularly hear from customers who purchased their carders in the 1970's and are still using them on a regular basis.

Wool Carders

Our wool carders have 72 points per square inch and are an excellent all purpose carder for carding any type of wool. The wooden backs measure 8" x 4 5/8". They are available curved or flat with most spinners preferring the curved back carders. They are also available in a smaller size for travelers or children.


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