Kaleidoscope Banana fiber yarn

Product Description

This banana fiber yarn is like potassium for your creativity! 

Rockin' colors reminiscent of a kaleidoscope - the most endearing of childhood toys – are balanced by a glossy, rich finish that renders this yarn utterly sophisticated!
And just like a banana can dress up a simple fruit salad or a fancy flaming dessert, this yarn can go anywhere! Make a rustic little kerchief to wear on a picnic, or an artsy shawl to top your little black dress at an art opening. 
Banana fiber is super soft yet durable, and a great renewable resource. The decaying outer layers of the banana tree bark are harvested, then soaked in water to quicken the natural dissolving of the chlorophyll structures, leaving just the cellulose fibers. These are extruded into pulp and spun into yarn.