About Us

Our Beginnings

VintageFibers was formed because our children were in our county 4-H .  Rabbits seemed an easy animal,  each girl picked a breed. An English Angora was one of the breeds and fiber came into our lives. We learned to spin and knit with this wonderful fiber. Soon we added Shetland sheep for more fiber. Now 10 years later and we have a small family business with fiber, roving, handspun yarn, and knitted gifts. 

This is a family run business where each uses their God-given talent to contribute to the business. We enjoy sharing our love for fiber, rabbits, gifts, and teaching. 

Something For Everyone

VintageFibers offers a wide array of products. Whether you are looking for spinning or knitting supplies, felt kits, or already assembled items, we have something for every one! We want to give people the chance to appreciate the artistry of fibers, express their individuality, and show their creativity through fiber. Our mission is to help people, no matter where they are, along their journey to feel the joy of natural fibers.

Why Natural?

Natural fibers all come from plants, animals, or geological processes. On the other hand, synthetic fibers are often made from petroleum and chemical treatments of products. At VintageFibers, we minimize the amount of synthetically produced fibers in our products. Our signature fibers are hand sheered, spun, and dyed from Angora rabbits and Shetland sheep to provide an organic fiber. These natural fibers will add extra comfort to your projects, but don’t just take our word for it, try them and feel the difference!

Where you can find us?

Check out our Events page! VintageFibers is based in Greencastle, Indiana, but it can be found at a wide array of fiber events across the midwest. Look us up at the Midwest Fiber & Folk Art in Illinois The Fiber Event in Greencatle, Indiana, Fiber Arts Festival at Castle Farms in Charlevoix, Michigan, and at the Galleria in Greencastle, Indiana. We also teach a multitude of classes. To learn more about our classes, visit the classes link.