Blending Boards 0

We are now carrying American made spinning tools! Clemes & Clemes is a father and son duo out of California that make spinning wheels, electric and drum carders, hand carders, drop spindles, and the new and exciting Blending Boards! These new boards are cost effective and are a wonderful option between the exhausting hand carders and the more pricey drum carders. The blending boards are also portable! You can take them on long trips where you want to work on your project but don't have a ton of space as they sit right on your lap.



Here are great blending board video tutorials



Blending Board Video Tutorial Part 1

Blending Board Video Tutorial Part 2


Arm Knitting! 0

Arm knitting is one of the coolest new knitting techniques! You can knit a scarf in not time and with beautiful bulky yarn. We recommend knitting it with the recycled sari silk yarn. This is a fantastic project for a seasoned knitter or a beginner. Here is a video tutorial that will get you going on arm knitting!


Arm Knitting Video Tutorial

Washcloth Pattern 0

Hi! We are currently selling washcloth kits. Please follow the link to get your free washcloth pattern.

Angora Baby Bunnies! 1

We have new babies 6 babies to be exact! They are so cute and cuddly. 

This bunny was just born. The angora fiber around it is what the mother pulled to keep the babies warm.  


Here is a picture of the babies only 2 weeks old.


The bunnies will be available for purchase after March 25th.